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‘Better than Netflix’: the Budget women are rallying around

The night after the Federal Budget for 2022-23 was delivered, Sam Mostyn AO, Chair of the Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce, took a microphone during a Q&A session, brandished a copy of the Women’s Budget Statement, and shared her insights with a rapt audience.

“Gender equality is central to Australia’s economic progress. If we don’t meet gender equality in this country, we will fail to meet our ambitions.”

Within minutes, Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins shared a startling admission with the room, but one that nearly everyone understood.

Four things you should know about Ajla Tomljanović

I remember meeting my idol. It was daunting.

Standing in the Sydney Theatre Company foyer, I had a glass of wine in my hand as I gushed about Miranda Otto’s performance in the White Guard.

‘She’s so amazing in this, isn’t she?’

Accompanying the praise was a wide, glittering smile and the piercing blue eyes of Cate Blanchett.

Now, look. It’s been ten years. I could lie. I could say that I was cool as a cucumber, that I replied with a laugh and a clever, charming line.

Women like Amy* are the key to solving the skills crisis

Most days at the Future Women office end up being special, for one reason or another.

Yesterday was no exception. I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Amy* who recently joined our community via Project Return.

We talked about work, lockdowns, raising two kids under the age of two, and finding your unique purpose – in work, and in life.

Amy is one of 150 women in Project Return – a free 12-month leadership development program packed full of activities, workshops and tailored career

Meet the woman who changed Beyoncé’s mind with a tweet

Two months ago, Hannah Diviney sent out a tweet.

As the Australian writer and disability advocate shared with the Future Women community via The Download, it was a tweet like any other.

‘I’ve tweeted thousands of times about all sorts of things, and never had this happen.’

Hannah had written to music artist Lizzo following the release of her single GRRRLS, to explain why her lyrics contained an ableist slur.

‘Friends of mine and I have experienced that word being used against us.'

Apropos of Nothing: 4 Words to Describe Emilia Clarke

People are rightfully outraged to hear that beloved British actress and Game of Thrones alum Emilia Clarke was referred to in a highly unflattering manner during the Sydney launch of Thrones spin-off House of Dragons.

I won’t repeat the offending phrase here but as you might guess, it centred on the actress’ appearance – not her eight-year tenure as Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons. Sigh.

Four easy ways to shop sustainably with Lucianne Tonti

Whenever I struggle to decide what to wear, my eye naturally goes to the same place in my wardrobe. Every single time.

And while I could just assume that this phenomenon occurs because my go-to outfit is bright red, covered in white and blue floral embellishments, it’s deeper than that.

The dress in question (a knee-length Alannah Hill special, if you’re interested) has gotten me out of countless clothing-related panics since 2008.

I love it for many reasons. I bought it on my first trip to M

Tackling the hidden problem in our aged care system

I couldn’t quite stop the words from coming out. It was a question I hadn’t written down, but I had to have the answer. As soon as it formed in my head, I blurted it out.

Sitting down to talk with Dr Catherine Barrett, Founder and Director of Celebrate Ageing, it dawned on me that, at least in some small measure, we all struggle to accept ageing as a normal part of life. And it shows.

Dr Barrett’s reply is kind, but pulls no punches.

‘I think we are,’ she explains.

Will Roe v. Wade impact Australia? A legal expert says yes

I first asked my father about Australia’s relationship with the United States in 2003. It felt like the whole world was discussing the impending invasion of Iraq and I wanted to know what it meant for us.

So when I hear people say what happens in the United States has very little bearing on our lives here in Australia, I usually disagree. For better or for worse – what happens in the US matters.

In the wake of the news that the United States Supreme Court will likely move to overturn the landm

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Human rights probe for Iran as protests continue

While the world watched in solidarity as the Iranian national football team refused to sing the anthem earlier this month, reports have suggested that the players’ families were threatened ahead of the sides match against Wales.

Protests continue throughout Iran, with efforts to document the ongoing violent crackdown via social media showing police forces opening fire in packed train stations and physically attacking individuals in public areas.

Italy has its first ever female Prime Minister

Journalist and politician Giorgia Meloni has emerged victorious from the weekend’s election - even beating out a former President to become Italy’s first ever female Prime Minister.

But who is Meloni, what does she stand for, and are people right to label her a ‘fascist’?

Senior Content Producer Bojana Kos @bojanagram breaks down the ideology guiding the Italian Prime Minister and lays out some of her policy positions, so you can decide for yourself.

An Open Letter From Your ADHD Loved One

Picture ADHD. Stereotypically, what you might imagine is a hyperactive 10-year-old boy disrupting a classroom.

For years, there’s been no framework, no recourse, for the thousands of invisible women whose neurodivergence looks different to that small, overactive boy’s.

But a sharp increase in ADHD diagnoses for adult women from Em Rusciano (@emrusciano) to Abbie Chatfield (@abbiechatfield) has seen the stereotype begin to unravel.

FW’s Senior Content Producer, Bojana Kos (@bojanagram), was diagnosed with ADHD in her thirties. Here’s her open letter: the things she wants everyone in her orbit to know.

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Future Women with Jamila Rizvi: I'm not bossy, I'm the boss

Stepping up to a management role for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming. Jamila speaks to experts and leaders to for surprising tips on being a better leader and suggestions on taming that inner voice who whispers “you’re not good enough”.

Plus, a special introduction from Programs and Website Director Bojana Kos, who outlines the benefits of women in leadership and how the management gender gap is tracking.

Future Women with Jamila Rizvi: Baby hold on! Going on leave

There is nothing quite like pregnancy and birth to bring on all the emotions. You might be elated, you might be concerned, you might be upset, you might be excited but regardless of what else comes, there is always – at least – a tinge of fear. Jamila dives into starting a family, how it impacts your work and how to manage those challenges.

Plus, Programs and Website Director Bojana Kos outlines how Future Women's exciting new Jobs Academy is helping women who are struggling to find work, balance work with caring responsibilities or want new work.

‎Anonymous Was A Woman: On sustainability

This week Jamila Rizvi and Astrid Edwards are joined by Future Women's Bojana Kos.

Chapter 1: Jamila asks whether or not books can help drive our understanding of sustainability, and Astrid takes issues with the term itself.

Chapter 2: Jamila brings Ash Davidson's powerful debut, 'Damnation Spring' to the podcast.

Chapter 3: Astrid once again picks a non-fiction work and recommends 'Under a White Sky: The nature of the future' by Pulitzer-prize winning writer Elizabeth Kolbert.


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Research key to reversing rising dementia deaths

Dementia is Australia’s second leading overall cause of death for the fourth year in a row, and the leading cause of death for women, according to the Causes of Death 2018 Report released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Report showed an increase in dementia mortality and corresponding decrease in cardiovascular disease mortality, putting dementia on track to become the leading cause of death in Australia in coming years. Since 2009, dementia is the only disease area of the
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels

How the internet can help prevent dementia

Affecting approximately 44 million people worldwide, dementia remains one of the greatest health challenges that we face as a community. Available medicines have been successful in slowing the progression of symptoms, but not at halting this progression in its entirety.

In the absence of a cure, the team at the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) has turned its attention to the prevention of dementia through key lifestyle choices, with its groundbreaking Maintain Your Brain program. Lead in

Program helping older Aussies get by car-free

For many older Australians, and particularly those with dementia, relinquishing their driver’s licence is a pivotal and potentially overwhelming event.

The decision to hand over the car keys can prove difficult, leaving many feeling as if they have lost their independence. It also presents a challenge to primary carers, and GPs – often tasked with delivering the difficult news.

Dr Theresa Scott, NHMRC-ARC Research Development Fellow at the University of Queensland, is working with a research t

UK researchers test arthritis meds on dementia

A team of researchers in the UK have found drugs used to treat rheumatoid arthritis could halve the risk of developing dementia.

Led by Professor Chris Edwards, the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre, along with the University of Oxford, conducted an observational study using the records of nearly 6,000 people living with arthritis across the UK over a 15-year period.

Comparing patients who took disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs to those who did not, the findings, published in th